Although The Global Experience addresses a wide variety of topics, our projects, initiatives and activities all strive to meet at least one of the following four targets: 



Access to education is the pre-condition not only to one's personal development and capability, but also to the advancement of society as a whole. Yet in many areas of the world young people meet difficulties accessing proper education. This may be through lack of financial means to attend school, a lack of access to proper material and technology, or the restriction of educational choices.

The Global Experience operates in a network of international partners to enhance the access to education worldwide, by working at a grass-roots level in local communities. We also operate online, using new media and technologies to develop free accessible educational content and linking partners across the world, e.g. to convey donations.

Examples of The Global Experience projects relevant to Access to Education:

  • Providing scholarships for children whose parents don't have the financial means to enable their children to attend primary and/ or secondary education (e.g. in Vietnam and Namibia)
  • Conveying donations for school material such as books, pens, school uniforms (e.g. in Namibia, Vietnam, Columbia)
  • Offering free classes for street children (Vietnam)
  • Offering extra curricular courses in schools with a focus on language and multimedia education (e.g. in Namibia, Poland, Germany, The Philippines)
  • Producing free accessible learning material (such as online language learning videos)
  • Supporting students exchange programs and scholarship programs for high school and university students to go abroad
  • Supporting exchange programs for teachers in training and active teachers (in cooperation with for fair education)