Although The Global Experience addresses a wide variety of topics, our projects, initiatives and activities all strive to meet at least one of the following four targets: 



The Global Experience works to take full advantage of new technical developments by supporting young people across the world in the use of new media. Through our projects we encourage young people to use media to access information, increase their education, express their opinion and eventually make new friends across the world. Participants of our online programs are enabled to interactively communicate on a regular basis, changing prejudices and stereotypes and motivating each other to take action together. 

  • Reports - Through reporting with texts, pictures and videos from our daily life we fill our friendships with life. Everyone in the world has a story to tell; we encourage you to tell it in the most exciting way.
  • Media workshops - Through local media workshops in schools we help young learners to gain multimedia skills. We teach how to photograph, film, record audio and how to graphic and video editing programs.
  • Video projects - Through common film projects we use our media skills to produce our own movies in international teams. Examples include the production of language videos for those looking to improve their language skills ( Easy German), environmental videos to encourage protection of the environment (Play Global) and short documentary movies about meetings, activities and internships we arrange (e.g. Monika Pisula's Internship Video).