Although The Global Experience addresses a wide variety of topics, our projects, initiatives and activities all strive to meet at least one of the following four targets: 



Through intercultural dialogue, the worldwide society can be better understood, increasing tolerance and the endeavor for a more peaceful world. Communicating with people from different cultures allows us to learn about ourselves, reflect on our own actions and the consequences they may have on for others.

 Examples of The Global Experience projects and activities relevant to Intercultural Dialogue:

  • Annual international  youth conferences for young people aged 16 - 30 (e.g. the International Youth Peace Forum (2010), the International Reporters Youth Conference (2011), the Youth Forum on Digital Participation (2012))
  • Bilateral and multilateral  exchange programs for high school students aged 13 - 18 in cooperation with schools in Germany, Poland, Namibia, Oman and Israel (e.g. Namibian-German school exchange program 2012, Youth Media Lab on Diversity 2012)
  • International internship programs that allow young people aged 16 - 30 to go abroad and work for a certain time in an educational project in one of our partner institutions (e.g. in Germany and Namibia)

Online Intercultural Learning:

The ever increasing access to the internet enables communication with people you would rarely otherwise be able to reach. Through this website The Global Experience offers the fantastic possibility to interact with over 10,000 young people from all corners of the globe. You can share your own knowledge, experiences and issues,  while also learning from others. The use of languages is a key way to really understand a new culture on a deeper level - learn a new one today!