Although The Global Experience addresses a wide variety of topics, our projects, initiatives and activities all strive to meet at least one of the following four targets: 



All global challenges can be overcome, it just requires cooperation and communication. We therefore arrange for young people from different cultures to work on educational projects together. 

Within our projects we address the core principles of sustainable development, such as gender equality, social tolerance, environmental protection, justice and peace. The cooperation gives a broader picture of the world's interdependency: wherever we are and whatever we do, our actions not only concern us ourselves, but also have an impact on the lives of people elsewhere in the world.

Examples of projects relevant to Education for Sustainable Development:

  • Through Intercultural workshop offers for schools we regularly bring students from abroad as well as migrants to school classes in North Rhine-Westphalia to do workshops about topics of sustainable development related to their country.
  • INTERNATIONAL REPORTERS:  In 2011 an international cooperation of high school and university students from over 20 nations set up an online magazine to cover stories of sustainable development through the perspective of young people from the respective countries.
  • Exhibition One World One Future: The exhibition was created during the international summer conferences in 2009 and 2010 and portrays its international participants facing different challenges within their own societies (e.g. lack of educational access, health care problems, environmental challenges) which also concern the world as a whole and and can only be solved together.
  • Play global - keep our planet clean!  During their 2012 school exchange program high school students from Namibia and Germany worked together on a video project  that conveys the message that the challenge of environmental projection lies in all of our hands and can only be solved together.


The UN-Decade "Education for Sustainable Development" 

UNESCO LogoFor several years The Global Experience has been operating in line with the UN-Decade Education for Sustainable Development. Our international team participated in the World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in Bonn in 2009, where we hosted a workshop on Education for Sustainable Development and the teaching-learning process in line with the UNESCO Assciated Schools Network. Since 2009 our international network has also twice been recognized as an official project of the UN-Decade Education for Sustainable Development in Germany.